It runs a beautiful nature in jeju island.

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Jeju Island which has been registered as the world natural heritageby UNESCO has marvelous natural environment than any other places.
The mountains, oreums(parasitic volcanoes) and fields have their matchless beauty and also have the best condition for trail running.
Especially oreums(parasitic volcanoes) and fields have proper elevation and scenery so that runners can experience the nature of Jeju.
Jeju international Trail running has 5km Oreum tracking, 10km trail running, 100km stage race.
100km race is the first stage race held in Korea and you can run all through Oreums and beach.

About Jeju Island

Jeju island is a volcanic island which is east to cost 73km,
south to north 31km and Mt.Halla is standing in the middle of the island.
Jejudo is called ‘The Volcanic Museum’ since it has unique and various volcanic terrain.
There are big and small 368 oreums(satellite cone) on the island and about 160 volcanic caves are all over the island.
It is very rare case that these many satellite cones and caves in a small island.
The value of Jeju has been certified by achievement of Triple crown in Natural science field certificated
(designated Biosphere Reserve in 2002, redorded The world natural heritage in 2007,certificated Global geoparks) by UNESCO.

Race director Byeungsik Ahn

2016 - 2014

  • 2016

    • 01HongKong 100k race, Namibia Desert race 100k

  • 2015

    • 09North Face 100km race in Australia, Ecuador Untra trail race 250km

    • 05TNF 100k Australia race

  • 2014

    • 09Sahara desert in Moroco 250km

    • 06Media team Photographer in RAAM(4,800km)

    • 04Madagascar race 253km

2010 - 2008

  • 2010

    • 08France across 1,150km(18days), Germanacross 1,200km(17days)

    • 04Jeju international Untra marathon Halla mountain 148km trail run winner, Australia race 250km

  • 2009

    • 10Himalaya 100mile(166km) run3rd place
        South Africa Kalahari desert Extream marathon 240km

    • 09Goretex Trans Alpine run 240km(altitude 15,000m)

    • 08Ultra Trail Monblanc 166km(9,800m)
      Camino Santiago in Spain 800km(finished in 15days)

    • 04Jeju international ultra marathon Halla mountain 148km winner

  • 2008

    • 10Sahara desert in Egypt 250km

    • 09Goretex Trans Alpine run 300km(altitude 14,000m)

    • 04Winner of the North pole marathon (the first Korean geographical North and South pole marathon finisher

    • 02Vietnam Jungle marathon 235km

2007 - 2006

  • 2007

    • 12December The Antartica (Last Desert) Marathon 250km 3rdplace
      (the first Korean completed desert marathon grand)
      Media team Photographer in Gobi desert in China, Atacama desert in Chile
      Sahara desert in Egypt

  • 2006

    • 10Sahara desert in Egypt 250km 3rd place.

    • 07Atacama desert marathon in Chile 4th place.

    • 06중Gobi desert in China 250km winner

2005 - 1998

  • 2005

    • 10Sahara desert in Egypt 250km

  • 2003

    • 10Jeju international Triathlon (swimming 3.8km, cycle 180km, marathon 42km)

  • 2001, 2002

    • 10Jeju international Ultra marathon 100km

  • 1998

    • 10Jeju university 5km health marathon

  • Other History

    • RaceDirector

      • 2016DMZ Trail Running

      • 2011Jeju international trail running( and Trans Jeju(

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